Beauty expert

Urgent news: a raging war! You should not be this or that or whatever at all. Your skin should shine… oh, wait…no,no!…It should be fair….stop! Tan is the best of all!
Remember perfect – 90-60-90…or may be skinny…sporty…curvy…big hips, small chest…big chest, small hips…and cheekbones, long hair or short, and sultry blue eyes…
We know best! Your body should look…. We know best, because…Because why? You do not know. Oh, no, come on! Come on! COME ON! Your opinion does not matter – you are ideal? Hardly. Is MY BODY faulty? No, not at all. You can bark all you want, ‘cos the smartest people know…You don’t need a perfect body. You need a gorgeous soul.

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