I fell again and cracked my head,

The people thought that I am dead.

I crushed face first into the ground,

Laid numbly there, without a sound.

My breathing shallow, pulse erratic,

The air around me dump and static.

I heard cruel whispers from above,

They all agreed that I’m a dove.

A dove, whom tore for idle fun.

I should have yield, and run, and run,

Away from lions, and the hawks,

I am a dove, not sly, smart fox!

I laid there humbly, heart uptight,

It wasn’t first my failed flight.

It wasn’t news to me at all,

How people love to see the fall.

I braced myself and stood up straight,

Brushed off the expectations weight,

Smiled gently at the gaping crowd,

The welcome cheer was not so loud.

The murmurs hushed. Truth came to light,

I have survived ungraceful fight.

I am immune to poisoned serpent,

To jabs and lies I am conversant.

But I’m stumbling, I can fall,

No one is God here after all.

The trick is to get up and fight,

The skies are worth it, as is flight.

via Daily Prompt: Conversant

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