A woman

I am a woman –

This is not much.

I am a part of species with a softer touch.

I am a piece of history that drowned in blood and soaked in tears.

I am a WOMAN,

Whatever that suggests or means.


I am a person –

This what’s unsaid;

I have been labelled by the right and left.

I am forgotten between the screaming banshees and pig-headed men.

I am a PERSON,

Society, though, do not think I am.


I have a right to go outside the box,

But if I see it fits, why should I change my thought?

If I think babies is my primal need –

Why do you have the right to say it’s foolish or it’s greed?

If I decide that “twenty plus” my size,

Who are you to dictate to me what’s right!

If I am a single, or a housewife, or a boss,

Who gave you right to judge how good I am or what I’ve lost?


I am my own –

That is my right.

No matter what the world decides to fight,

I do refuse to be a standard picture and another crafted mask.

I am MY OWN!

I hope you heard me – finally – at last!

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