Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award


I was pleasantly dumbstruck when sweet Patti Moore Wilson surprised me with this nomination. I am grateful, and humbled by this honor. Please go and check her blog, which has a tasty undertone of summer dreams.

The rules for accepting Versatile Blogger Award go as follows:

  1. Be polite and give credit to the kind person who found your creation worth mentioning.
  2. Tell 7 things about your marvelous person
  3. Nominate 15 other amazingly talented people

The first is done, let’s go to a second.

I do believe that a person should know their demons as well as they know their angels, and the number of the facts that should be mentioned cannot be more glaring so I will count my seven “sins”. “Sins” that can be carefully groomed and used to the one’s advantage.


I feel it often – I’m proud of my students and their achievements. I’m proud of my family and their success. I am immensely proud to be a human being and have the opportunity to share my thoughts and discover the Universe.

2. Envy

This is an emotion that I am not familiar with. I do not begrudge people their happiness and success, on the contrary, it inspires me. Frankly, I consider this concept useless, since, there is nothing that stopping you from achieving the same. Simply get up and do it.

3. Wrath

A shameful weakness of mine. I am easily angered. It takes a tiny spark and I am bursting, like a volcano and I struck, like a lightning. I am unstoppable and devastating in my fury. Thankfully, as fast as it springs it fades, and ,since, I am aware of my capability to burn everything in my close vicinity when the mood strikes, I tend to silently walk away before I say something unforgivable.

4. Sloth

Procrastination is my everything. I tend to leave things to a later date and then run around, like a mad woman in hopes to manage everything. Bad habit. However, there is a bright side to it too – laziness is good, healthy even, if used in measured doses, too bad my measurement cup is broken.

5. Greed

Not a feeling I am overly familiar with. The only instance when I can become greedy is when I come across an intriguing concept or human being, then yes – greed here I come.

6. Gluttony

Guilty as charged. I am ravenous for knowledge and experiences – be it traveling, books, movies, music, people – I gobble it down till nothing is left, and ache for more.

7. Lust

This one is special. I lust for many things and it pushes me beyond my comfort zone and into the wild. I lust for life. I truly do.

Alright, confession over. Nominees are the last point.

The following bloggers are the ones who have inspired and impressed me with their talent, captivated by their lines and made me proud to be a part of this community.

  1. Talkin’ to Myself
  2. Tar & Ash
  3. minzkhaitan
  4. Rhyme Smith
  5. The Sehrish Thing
  6. Oh, border!
  7. Ponytail Mama
  8. Frank Solanki
  9. sumiswu8
  10. Enigma
  11. Ta An Speaks
  12. The Lonely Author
  13. M A R I A
  14. A Writer’s soul
  15. issiaksonhudson

And that’s all folks! 🙂
P.S. Check them out they are truly awesome!

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