5 minutes till dawn

At times, we pretend that our worst enemies are our best friends,

And to think on one and actually think everything else!

Should I chose this color? Should I take back my ex?

Do clouds taste sweetly and where’s the cosmos ends?


The beauty of this – You need not answer all questions!

You can just laugh and laugh again.

Our life is complete with or without artificial redemptions,

It’s not like its hiding some mythical gain.


Besides, “I knew it! That I don’t know!” is sipped with mother’s milk.

Thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!

Yet, you still mold sense from prehistoric lore,

As if the creatures from heavens and below are not from your ilk.


Allay! It’s five minutes till down and you are over-thinking:

“I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo?”

It’s been a hard day. We were pissed-off and heavily drinking,

Lay your thoughts to rest, and put a muzzle on your Gecko.

IBMC 5/10





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