“The best advice I can give is not to follow my advice.”


The pearls of wisdom lie in vibrant grass.

It’s freely given. Come and pick one up!

It’s like reflection seen though broken glass,

The water’s there – the problem’s in the cup.


The words are buzzing in the air, some even sound astute.

But there’s a point in every single letter used,

That can be twisted to a different wicked route,

Which can in turn be easily exploited and abused.


There is no right, there is no wrong in turns that life will make,

The choice is yours. It’s yours alone.

Believe no one will offer you to take

Your burden off your battered shoulders.

2 thoughts on “Advices

    1. Thank you for reading. It’s really is just that – simple – life is simple, though, I hear I oversimplify things – always. Honestly, I wish I could live by my clever nonchalance, but I, myself, can’t. There are layers upon layers – but the one thing I know for sure – no one is able to tell you how – only you. 🙂


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