Radio waves

It was a splendid evening, if not a bit chilly. No matter. He was walking all day in the search of a perfect angle. So this shot will be taken even if the skies crumbles and falls down.



Ah, shoot… he thought disappointedly. The picture was murky, and blurred around the edges. The colors were nice, though.

Will do. There’s nothing that photoshop cannot handle.

He sighed contently, ready to return home, when his telephone buzzed. He frowned, looking at the device funnily. The screen was flickering and the box was juddering, but the caller’s ID were written in gibberish.

“Hello?” He inquired unsurely.

In,” He heard a haunted female voice disturbed by the white noise and electrical cracking.

“Excuse me?” The young man asked, looking at the fading sunlight.

Search of skin,color no matter, brighter or darker…” The voice answered, and another deeper voice jumped in “Tell no one! I will take someone.

“WTF!?” The man exclaimed, dropping the phone. His heart was hammering wildly and drops of cold sweat covered his temples. He breathed rapidly for a few seconds, before calming down and remembering that he just smashed an unreasonably pricey tool, because of a cheep jump-scare.

“Oh, damn!” He cursed, and bent to pick up the cracked device.

The screen was utterly ruined. Spider web fractures were running up and down the black surface. He grimaced. “Fuck!”

He will kill Joseph tomorrow, and will ask for a refund. Practical jokes are great, but comradeship aside – he worked his ass off to buy this thing.

Ssssshhhhh!” He heard on his left and froze, afraid to breath or turn. “Ghost, me!”

A shot. An eerie laugh.

The long-suffering phone slipped and fell near the body.

IMBC 6/10


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