It’s a challenge

I rarely read news, because there’s enough lie around me, but a challenge is a challenge.

So, I went on the web typed “latest news” and here’s what I’ve got: Russian spy: Daughter Yulia Skripal didn’t deserve poisoning, friend says.

Front page. Big article. Won’t even go there. Spies…poisoned in their house….ahahahahaha!

The next article is about educational crisis: Damian Hinds to cut workload to tackle teacher shortage

The articles about the failed system of education, incompetent teachers, arrogant parents and ungrateful pupils are as popular as the doomsday ones. You get new crazy theory or promise every other week.

The mentioned one promises less bureaucracy, and underlines that teachers are unappreciated and overworked  – what’s new in the world?

They say teachers need to change. They say they do not adopt. They say we should change the exams or give them guns, cut paper load, give them more time to learn how to teach…Leave them the f*ck alone!

Have you ever been in the classroom? Did you ever tried to explain your point to a toddler? How it went? Splendid, right? Imagine you have eighteen of those and besides keeping them happy, fed and safe you, also, have to teach them something.

Just stand there for five minutes. Just breath in the chaos and then you’ll understand – everything. You’ll get that the “burn out” is real and that you are not paid enough for this shit. If to be honest no amount of money will be enough, but a decent wage will be appreciated, so the teacher could go home after a tiring day and not run to another job!

Sure, one can argue – that this is their job – stop whining and deal! Well, no one is allowed to go and trash your work place or degrade you. There’s a law against it. There’s no law that protects a teacher from it – not from children nor from parents.

They go and they make assumptions not only about teacher’s professionalism but their character as well, and the teacher, nine times out of ten, had to stand there and take it. This is something nobody is willing to talk about. This is something nobody will talk about, ‘cos if we ignore it strongly enough it might disappear.

No it won’t!

Thus when the world talks about teachers and teaching, when it throws a bone in a form of “bigger wages” and “less paper-work” it glosses over the real issues, which is as simple as it is glaring – disrespect.

The world forces teacher to grovel, constantly undermining the confidence and pride one should take from their work. Teachers must prove their worth every other year and constantly fight for their professional pride, and guard their personal, since every one can pick on it.

Thus, honestly, all you have to do is return to teachers their status, instead of promising another “unicorn”. Enough of allowing everyone to look down on them. We all should be grateful, because at some point some teacher taught us.

And, of course, there are bad fruits, but show me a place where there’s none.

IBMC 7/10




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