Through the innocent eye

Before I start babbling about “new experiences” and “different perspectives” I wish to pose a question: How certain are you of your own principles?

Pretty certain, right? If you weren’t, they wouldn’t be “principles”, they would be “hypotheses”.

We do it all the time, don’t we? We stumble upon some new interpretation of the old dogma, and God bless the Internet, all you need to do nowadays is say: “Ok google” and the vast ocean of knowledge will pour down on you, drowning in opinions, facts and theories.

We read though them, bend them to our needs, filter them thorough our values, perspective and moral code – ta-da-ta! We have a “hypothesis.”

Why “hypothesis” you ask? Why not to go straight to the “principle”? We have done our research. We have evaluated the information, analyzed pros and cons – we have the grounds – let’s build.

Well, I think, we became more clever than that. No one takes anything at word these days.

Sure, sure. We have done our investigation,already, but where’s the field work? Where’s the practical test of theory? Where’s the verification of dozen “lab rats”?

We need a test drive. The feel of it in the real world.

We do that. We test, we prob, we chew and spit it out, than dance around and pock it with a stick, pick it up, mull over and then…Then we announce that we found a new point of view and assimilate it.

The job is done. New experience added. The intellect is upgraded. Principle is born.

Sadly, I don’t agree with it. Honestly, I don’t think we have ever learned anything new. The “new experience” and “different perspective” is just that pretty words with no true meaning.

We take it as an axiom that the baby learns new things – to scream, to talk, to walk. New things? Really? They are 100% new. Aahahaha! I think, I don’t need to explain that these things are as old as humanity is. Thus, nothing new, just mimicking the good old stuff.

Furthermore, the baby is locked in a particular culture, with specific set of rules and beliefs, in a concrete family with their iron principles and acceptable behavior, so yeah – new, indeed.

Then there’s school, books, college, University, mass-media and society…

New does not exist, if it exists it’s not new. Do you agree?

The argument can be raised. however, that it’s a new experience for the individual. The new emotions, thoughts, ideas pops to life when the certain things happens for the first time….Agree, that they do.

Disagree, that’s new, because – language and pretaught strategies of how to deal with it.

Love is love and hate is hate – no matter where you go and where you wind up – everybody knows one is good, the other is bad. Alternative interpretations only prove the rule.

It’s inside our brains from the birth. We sip the dogmas with the milk of our mothers, and language chains us to the old permanently.

Ever thought how limited language makes you? How it makes you think in certain ways?

Neah…what am I thinking? Language is freedom. Language is beauty. Language is an artificial construct. The first form of slavery and collective thinking. A tool of oppression on a large-scale.

The moment the baby learns the language – boom – dies creativity and freedom of thought.

Surely, there’s tons of arguments against this, because – come on! This is madness…but the grass is the grass and it’s green, not purple. The sky is the sky. The bird is the bird, and not a dog; and this is the tree, not the river – WHY?

Because – language! And there’s no way around it and no escape from it. Unless, of course, you want to end up in a loony bin.

So, yeah, shout out to “new experiences” and “different perspectives”  – because the sun is the sun, and new is new.



4 thoughts on “Through the innocent eye

  1. wow! that was beauty! That was indeed a thought provoking perception. Old wine in a new bottle.

    May be like: its new, not because its new, because i heard it that way for the first time!

    This was a very nice read. 🙂


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