Between me and him

It’s a confession.

I won’t do it once. I will repeat

But I forget – you know me…

Your silly girl…your confident woman –

She runs, and runs, and runs…

Falls, stumbles, crushes –

Knees torn apart – bleeding horribly

Skin scraped…eyes tingle

But all in giggles and smiles

Pick up! Pick up the pieces

The shattered crystal –

Run. Run! RUN!

The sun is up. The skies are blazing.

The scent of her enchanted sea –


A scrawny brat. An inner clever child.

You know me – your little imp –

Yours – yours alone!

Come hell and high water
I won’t turn away

I won’t walk away

Be it young child. Be it a wise hag.

Be it a whore or a lover –

I stay. I stay and knit

A pompous thank you

Since, you, my deity,

Favor them such.

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