And so, they say I need to be

The balm, the calm, the whisper and the glee

For them to see…

The oceans blue, the sky aglow

My soul, my mind, my stomach and my love –

Just sing

And sting.


A fire, purely feverish delight,

Should burn and warm – so pure! Such might!

No, not a second of presumption,

No solo flight, no memories to prize –

Just burn, you little honey, bright!


And must I tell…I guess I should

You must, you must, my danger wood

Crush all your dreams and all regrets

No, nothing ever happens…yet.

At least you are on top, you see.

At least they know your name…you’ll be

or maybe not…You should not fret,

as long as you do not regret!


Thus, blood and guts, and insides melt

To build a prefect statue – Swell!


Oh, Bella! Let me! Let me see,

What’s wrong with you or wrong with me?

Are we divine? No problems, set.

I do believe I hear regret

And do believe I said –no, no…

I listen…joking, it’s a show.


You are so boring, please, shut up…

I’m tired, tired – pure, saint bluff!

And trust me, trust me

One will see

The sky, the ocean – I will be….

I’ll sing and sting, and dance, and play

Or so they say…or so they say…


Inspired by daily-post: Noise

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