A new day, a new reason to learn

Ok, ok…I finished previous challenges, and, surely, I plunged straight into a new one. This is Blogging University Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration course. 

First, it’s an awesome job WordPress doing. My mind buzzing with thirst to discover every single one of them.

Second, this will be something different – I am, mostly, poetic on this platform – all verses and ambiguous meanings, but this particular challenge asks personal writing, essay, nonfiction, which I don’t mind doing, as well.

Today’s prompt is: I write because…

I won’t be any originality, I assure you, I write because I can. Ta-da!

It’s as simple as that.

The broader version of this sounds, like: I write, because it helps me to cope with negative feelings, that I do not wish to vomit on my loved one’s, so I spew it on paper.

However, by now it became one of the many reasons; writing is how I function. It’s how I think; how I express and discover myself. It’s a form of meditation, and selfish act of escapism.

I did it for a long time, since I was about…well, since I could write, honestly.

The words…They always fascinated me.

The possibilities they give are cosmic. Those thousands upon thousands of ways to bend and twist them, finding unique sound and rare meaning, creating worlds, galaxies, Gods…not to mention the frivolous, yet deadly, play – ahhh. Anything and everything at your whim.

Moreover, I didn’t fail to notice how letters affected people around me. It struck me as strange at first, but then I understood that words, language – they are what defines us – so it shouldn’t be a great revelation that something so fundamental has so much power over humanity.

Naturally, as a greedy thing that I was, I wanted to own it or at very least get the taste. Thus, the romance began, and till this day we are going strong.

Why do you write, I wonder?



3 thoughts on “A new day, a new reason to learn

  1. Hi. I’ve just started this same course and saw this post under the #everydayinspiration tag. I see that you are at the beginning to.​
    Why do I write? Its ​a long story, but a short answer, it like you I am fascinated by words and how they work and mean things in different contexts…

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