Apparently today I need to compile a list of things that I like, I wish to have, I am good at, and I’ve learned.

I don’t have to make four lists. They generously allowed me to choose one, and, frankly, one is a one too many.

I haaaaaate making lists, especially on such topics. It’s always a nightmare to answer these particular questions.

What do you like?

Hell, if I know. There are too many things – infinite. Plus, it changes, like a mood on ‘red days’.  Off the top of my head:

  • Sea – it’s a hauntingly happy memory from the childhood. A place where I felt the most free and isolated. Euphoria bordering on insanity.
  • Cats – independent creatures that love you, because they feel like it and not because you’re something, something…
  • Ice cream – same old childhood. It’s a comfort food and link to my dead father.  I remember little of those days – but him buying me ice cream and that heavenly taste – stuck with me forever.
  • Music – it’s and endless pit of inspiration and a place to run to when writing is being difficult.
  • Love – I like being in love, with whatever; gives flavours to ordinary; makes it somewhat bearable.

What would I wish to have?

In my humble opinion, wishes should be unreal – dream big or go home. After all, if your wish is tangible – it’s not a wish anymore. It’s an aim.

  • A family of my own – why this is in “wishes” category, you ask? Well, I think, as a secret romantic and fatalist, close, intimate relationships are something that you cannot build yourself. I mean you can and you should, but people with whom you will be doing that – are meant.
  • A brush with magic – not that I haven’t, but I wish it would happen more often and that I won’t be able to find a rational explanation for it.
  • A pet dragon – by this point you might have guessed that I’m partial to the fairy-tale and fantasy worlds.
  • A book on the Universe – same category. I wish to have a manual. I wish to know: “What in the general heck happened?”
  • A meetup with a creator – I have question, and I want straight answers.

What am I good at?

In my opinion, the only purpose this question serves is to gauge your ego. Mine is not biting, because it’s such an ambiguous, not concrete and biased opinion…But if I must…

  • Writing – of course! We live on a big ball. There’s someone somewhere who will find my letters a worthy read; and Gods, am I grateful for their time, attention and cheers.
  • Cooking – my first profession and passion. Love to bake. No one was poisoned. People ask for recipes – must be good 🙂
  • Teaching – here I mostly hope 🙂 But judging by the feedback sometimes I’m nailing it.
  • Listening – I happen to be the one with whom people talk.
  • Dancing – a pleasure that someday I want to share with my partner.

And what I’ve learned is seen between the lines.

What about you? Do you make lists? Do you like them?

8 thoughts on “Lists

      1. Well, it’s not any famous dragon. It’s one I keep dreaming about – I think, he hails from ice – deep blue, with dark belly and marvelous, deep purple eyes with the most fascinating blood-red irises 🙂

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