Abstract babble

Today’s inspirational challenge is one word prompt. Not really a challenge for me, since I abuse one word daily prompts without shame 🙂

Anyway, here are the winners:

  1. hope
  2. regret
  3. home
  4. choice
  5. secret
  6. abundance

“I hope to not to regret my choice to unwrap the abundance of secrets his house hiding. “

Ta-da! Done 🙂

So, yeah, one word – I think, I’ll cheat again and ponder on them all, from personal point of view, of course.


The emotional reaction, an impulse, I have a little understanding of. The best I came up with – it’s like a drop of honey in the shit-storm. A divine motivation. An eternal internal optimist, and in nine times out of ten, I’m glad to have.


I do not do regrets. They seem awfully counterproductive or my life is so boring that I haven’t managed to screw up badly enough to muster regret.

No matter the case, I stand by my opinion. Regret is an anchor that chains one to the past; a time and a place that is out of reach and most importantly is impossible to change. It’s done. No amount of wishing and “if’s” will reverse the situation.

Regret is a poison. Regret is a self-imposed cell, and I love my freedom.


Home is a feeling. It’s not the walls, places or people. It’s a combination of all three. I could, probably, write books on importance of it.

It’s the safe environment, where you can show your true colours. The only place on Earth you can be yourself. However, lately, the mass-media tries to destroy the concept, claiming that it’s not important. It is, as anyone and everyone wishes to have a place to return to, even if that place is within them.


Now this where my contradictory and ambiguous nature truly shines.

So, from one point I am a fatalist. From the other, I believe we have a free-will. Makes sense? It’s like in the game “The Sims” – controlled environment, influenced and manipulated desires, constructed values and beliefs. Basically, you can choose your coffee – but not your death.


Oh, I love those. They seem to bring mischief into life. Liars hiding truth from liars. I, also, am fascinated by the fact that they have a tendency to come out, simply, because the concept itself sets the path for the truth to unravel.


This is something that humanity always lacks. It’s never ever enough – more, more, more! Greed, I guess, is the greatest sin.


What these words mean to you, I wonder?



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