Memories in picture

Alright, another day, another challenge.

Today it’s about pictures and memories they trigger. The Author can choose any form, naturally, but I guess I’ve decided on the genre that I will abuse during this course and it will be – personal musings.

So, the pictures I was given:


  1. The girl in the woods.

It was a sunny, spring day. I finished my home assignments, grabbed my mp3 player and walked into the wilderness.

The alternative rock was blaring through the earbuds, filling my teenage head with rebellious thoughts, and I felt like rage and confused hurt sipping out of me and dissolves in angry lyrics and wails of the electronic guitar.

I was walking the familiar path, marveling at the woods, breathing in the pine scent and felt truly lucky. I was living near the heart of the capital city, and still had a privilege to dissolved in nature any time I saw fit.

I was walking and walking, not paying attention to my surroundings, since I knew the paths, like the back of my hand, murmuring lyrics and pondering on the unfairness and crudeness of life; my inadequate looks and defective mind, when I noticed a dear.

I stood there dumbstruck. It was a rare occasion to spot wild-life in here; too many people walked these paths. It looked at me and then darted into the trees.

I still have no idea what possessed me then, but I followed.

I wandered for some time. The sun hid, and I could feel the cold gathering around me. The surroundings became gray and unwelcoming. I shuddered and went back.

It took me less than five minutes to realize that I was helplessly lost.

I was upset and scared. I went forward and backwards, helplessly searching for the way out and, to make things worse, I came nose-to-nose with a wolf.

Alright, nose-to-nose is a bit of a dramatization.  The wolf was, probably, two to three meters away from me – still, it was more close than I ever wished to see a wolf – a wild, untamed wolf.

I stilled, watching it and it watched me. We were standing there – two indecisive statues – when my brain decided to break.

“Hey,” I addressed the wolf. “Would you happen to know where the exit is?”

The wolf blinked at me and cocked its head to the side. Great, I thought, even the wolf thinks that I am crazy. It stared at me, making me fidgety and then growled. Normal reaction. I exhaled sharply and started slowly stepping away. It took a step as well, and I blanched, but it wasn’t going directly onto me. It walked a bit to the side. I stilled, praying, that it will go away. It didn’t. It,also, stopped and growled.

I moved again and it moved with me. So, we walked.

I tried to make more distance between us, but one time it circled me and made me change my path. So, we walked, and walked, and walked, until we didn’t.

The wolf abruptly stopped and I froze. It growled at me and run away to the opposite direction.

I stood there confused, and happy beyond description. I turned around and what do you know – a freaking path was staring at me.

“Emmm…” I mumbled, going red. “Thank you.” I shouted into the woods, feeling, like a complete idiot.

2. The church.

It’s either loneliness or private act, or both.

I am a believer, but I do not preach religion. I my humble opinion, religion is a tool for manipulation, and I never liked intermediaries anyway.

Like one of my favorite movies noticed: ” Jesus said… the Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood… and I am there, lift a stone… and you will find me.” – Stigmata (1999)

I am a church made of “bones and flesh”, my chest is the altar, and my voice is the prayer, and my life is the sacred book written in his honour.

I do not need material things or rituals to strengthen my faith, and if I want to talk to him – I just talk. The skies listen regardless of my whereabouts.

3. The water

The sea was swaying. I was clinging to my father, so tightly, my knuckles became white with effort. He was laughing at me and pried my fingers of him, letting me go. I screamed and tried to catch him, my little feet splashing around. I couldn’t feel the ground. I heard him laugh. He was smiling brightly, cheering me. I was focused only on him. I couldn’t swim! I couldn’t swim!

Until, I could.

4. Train station

I love trains. There is something about the sound and the movement. It’s calming. I have a lot of good memories connected with them – from the warm childhood sun bunnies – where my family is still whole, and we’re laughing with my brother, playing “words” with my parents, while the train takes us to the beach – to the silly and awkward – when I’m in Germany and have no idea what stop is next and how the heck I suppose to find the right one. I even had a pleasure to experience bittersweet romantic connection – when you feel it in your bones, but it’s your stop and not his.

Yeah, I adore trains.

What about you? What these pictures mean to you?






2 thoughts on “Memories in picture

  1. I love your descriptions!

    1. The girl in the woods reminds me of walking through the woods in NH when I was growing up.
    2. The church actually makes me think of someone being a great distance from God (possibly me).
    3. The water reminds me of summer vacations and time spent at the lake.
    4. The train station actual brought to mind Ellis Island and all the people coming to the US for a new life.


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