Forgive me my impudence

Did you find your passion? Or did you settle for it? Did you tell yourself a nice story as to why you can’t go all in? Are you playing it safe? […]

Are you barely breathing and call it living?

If yes, why.

If not, congratulations. The world needs more people like you.


Beautifully put – inspirational, brutally honest, aggressively motivating and heavily idealistic. Nice words, BIG words. They sing and rang, and rattle scaredy-cat’s mentality.

“Just do it!” – right? What the heck is stopping you!? Live your dream, life’s short. In the end, nothing really matters – only how you feel about your life and how many regrets you managed to acquire while chasing illusionary idols that are not even yours.

True, true…if only life was so easy.

The amount of circumstances that can prevent you from achieving what you want is numerous – from your birth place to obligations that, like it or not, you must fulfill.

Think on it – what is really your dream – a secret heart desire – and now look at your life… are you truly what you wanna be? Is your dream even your hobby?

If yes – then you can close this page and go celebrate – because you, excuse my frivolousness, are the luckiest bastard alive.

If not, then, congrats, rationality won over silly, childish dreams.

Let’s be honest here – passion is good. It helps to spin the world and expand beyond domestic horizon. Passion is for geniuses and mad scientist; half-insane artists and maniacal musicians. They create breathtaking works of art from nothing and we worshiped them for it.

Passion consumes and eats the person from the inside. You cannot do anything else – you are a slave to it. You burn, until only ashes are left.

Which disagrees with a measured, normal life-style. If you can do both, then, I regret to inform you, but you lack passion.

And – that’s perfectly fine. It’s,alright, to have a hobby that you love, but not ready to sacrifice your health, your personal life or job for. And it’s, also, alright to have a job that you’re not overly exited about. It’s just a job. You earn money to do stuff that you truly like, and it’s perfectly fine.

Life is a complicated, twisted thing but it’s mesmerizing and fulfilling without grand, consuming passion. You can spend your life going with a flow and doing tedious, boring tasks till the end of your days and still be blissfully happy, because it suits you.

That’s the only thing that matters – happiness; settled for, found, snatched or born from the hellish fire of passion – who cares – it’s yours. Live it. Own it and be proud.

Psst…but do go read the article that inspired this. It’s truly breathtaking.

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