The space

Is it a thing, I wonder….A special place to write.

I, mostly, create my posts in the living room, while my family and cat buzzing around. However, I do not write there. I write whenever – on my phone, on slips of paper, in my head, rushing home from work to grab the pen and scribble the lines on the first surface available.

There is no special mood or decoration needed. My inspiration is brutal and sudden. It hits me in the head and demands to be heard, not caring where I’m at and what I do.

Where do you write?

Psst…I set up a contact page and I would like to hear your suggestions for the upcoming posts. I’m sure you have great ideas and I’d love to hear them. Feel free to leave them in the comments as well. 

2 thoughts on “The space

  1. I write (of late, anyway) on this massive lounge chair in front of the fire place. The fireplace has not seen flame for years. I think that if I ignited the flame then I might write something worth reading. But I am not prepared to take that risk. For fear of being wrong.
    I write in the morning. From about 5AM. In this massive chair that is part of a scene from Alice in Wonderland. And so by sitting in it I might, myself, become a fiction.
    I write not to describe my reality but to defy it. I write until the world intervenes.


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