Social media bang

Remember those happy days when your brain was blissfully empty? When there were no twisted questions and devastating answers? When you were ignorant of the classic philosophy and modern psychology? The days when you didn’t stop to analyze every little flinch and flutter of the eye lids? The days when “a banana was just a banana”?

The days before school, college, University, countless books, educational videos, smart quotes and deep, naked conversations that raped the naivety of the pure mind and infected it with ideas – do you remember?

It’s a long forgotten glimpse of safety – when the future seemed bright and “the sky was the limit”, before you realized that humans are not made for flight and pushed your dreams aside to fit in; to survive; to climb to the top.

It’s a long forgotten taste of unbridled happiness – when the mother’s smile made you feel, like a God; when your house was the center of your Universe and that friend’s smile was your greatest treasure.

It’s a long forgotten ability to dream – when your imagination run wild and you planned to roam the seven seas and rule the Atlantis, or at very least fly to the moon.

It were days before knowledge marred your individuality; before someone put a label on you and destroyed authenticity.

You learned rationality. You acquired logic. You became apt at recognizing the benefits, and the world, as you knew it, died.

At first, it was great. You reorganized yourself and crammed more knowledge into the space. It’s fascinated. It’s excited. You travelled the seas and studied Atlantis. You bent facts. You played with theories. You pushed and felt enriched.

Intellect grew. Awareness became sharp, and ugly questions popped-out – your massive library spotted a different label – bs.

You struggled. It cannot be that knowledge is useless? Can it? But the facts begged to differ. They said that you know too much to turn back, but too little to stay unaware.

It drove you mad.

2 thoughts on “Social media bang

  1. I remember those days… and I would definitely say I’m in a state of madness now. The frustrating thing is that we can’t stop it from happening before it’s too late to go back – not that our education system would let us.


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