Love eternal

Loneliness twists my guts,

Turns me inside out.

My soul howls, like a rabid wolf

At the foreign moon

Calling its mate home.

I am alone!

I’m lonesome in this

God forgotten world

without the blessings

of the betrothed touch.

I am whole but fractured.

You are not here

to water my sanity.

Insanity is what I worship

These days.

Long, grey, tedious days.

Robbed of your sharp wit,

Worth-drool poetics,

Otherworldly aesthetics.

I loathe this manifestation.

Why in the nine layers

You had to pock the fabric

of the Universe

That was feeding our egos?

Are you satisfied, imp?

Unholy wimp!

I’d punch your smug face

Till your perfect teeth stick

in your kissable throat.

Violence is my only resort,

Decadence, and a play

of chance.

Please, dearest, please,

I’m dying for your pride.

It was easy to decide,

Trapped in a nebula of devotion:

I am yours, you are mine

Till the end of time.

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