Today is my day

Cease…I know big words too,

I read your books. I’m aware of the drill –

Breath, my woman, and chill.

There’s nothing you can possibly say to change my mind

Or mend my wounds.

You sing the songs that I hear out of tunes.

I respect your remarkable attempt to move us along,

Through life that we came to despise.

I admit it was a tad too long, since I wished to rise –

We stayed. We slain. We fought…

It’s a testament to your mercy and iron will,

For me, though, time is standing still.

I’ll remember those unspeakable horrors for you,

Every dreadful stab and curse,

Which you turned into bliss and strength of course.

I bow before you, never doubt that.

However, today is my day. You’re aware of those,

Of your personal rotten, nauseating, cruel corpse.

That you loath and love from the bottom of your diamond heart.

I’m that crippled child that they raped and tore apart.

I’m that twisted memory you refuse to let go,

I’m that filth that poisons your dazzling core.

You should have burned me, and leave it alone,

You’re too good for this realm you lovingly call home.

My dearest woman, I’m grateful you took me in,

The voice of pure reality that is often beyond your kin.

But, sometimes, I doubt your sanity, dear,

Why do you protect something that aims to kill?

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