Thinking about “nothing”

Definition of nothing:
  1. Not anything; no single thing.
  2. Something of no importance or concern.
  3. (in calculations) no amount; nought.

English Oxford living dictionaries

An empty space – not even a space, because space is something, right? Zero….but, neah, it’s a sign, thus, exists, so not nothing….hmmm…not important then; the concept my brain can work with, because the whole Universe can be unimportant, depends on perspective.

However, there’s an argument that nothing is important. Important enough concept to have a word for it. But why bother? It’s an unimportant empty space with no single thing in it.

Who had an idea to have it named? How that happened? Did they feel guilty or something?

Abstraction. Illusion of control. I name, thus, I understand. Ahahahaha!

There’s no such thing as nothing. There’s always something if it’s nothing itself.

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