March’s word jumble

I love challenges. It’s mine inspiration and I adore daily prompts, so, I thought why not push it a little bit further – make it a monthly prompt. The idea is simple – to create a piece of writing from the daily prompts that were received during a month. The catch – use as minimum secondary words as possible.

If you find this idea interesting I invite you to participate . Leave your links in the comments, piggyback and spread the word. I would love to read your creations.  Happy writing!


Suddenly the body meandered,
Provoked by the foreign, captivating noise.
The wonder overruled patience.
The blush. The gasp. Frantic swallow.
Inefficient warning. Quartet of desire,
Identical thirst. Above, under, messy, restart.
Love – bite.
Faceless, invisible talisman for fun.
Micro-wrinkle in the morning.
Uncompromising guilt. Glaring fact.
Incubate the shame.
No word about branching off.
The heart got betrayed.


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