Six steps

If there would be ten steps separating us, I’ll make six. Do you hear me? Six! But not more.

Hello, how are you been faring

On the other side of the fairy-land?

I’ve been missing the astute, daring

Dreams that have no start, and no end.


I’ve been hanging between the fabric

Sketching tales, breathing in dark-matter,

Insanely simple, but enlightening antic.

Are you playing safe, my lovely satyr?


Where are you, my destined stranger?

I longed to hear your magical songs,

Read the stories you yet to endanger

with burning wisdom and rational thorns.


I wish to study your tasty oeuvre,

Get hypnotised by sugary promises.

Burn my heart, trying to preserve

Unique cracks, that you call blemishes.


Don’t you dare to blame it all on me,

Your passion ignited the eternal-fire

That smolders poorly, choking on plea.

It yearns for you to visit us and inspire.


Your heated stare burns me frequently,

The dreamland does nothing to hide it.

The only plane we can occupy easily,

Even though it’s gives us less than a bit.


It’s better than nothing; than this grave

I’m forced to wake-up to and function in,

Day by day. Day by day. Day by day.

Still not hearing for what dreadful sin!?


I, almost, hate it. It, almost, kills the will,

To hang on and wait for better days.

But I remember…I remember you still,

Your infectious laugh and ingenious ways.


I’m lingering, keeping out the toxic air.

Waiting for you to come to the defense,

Of our little, precious world and scare,

Vultures that are lurking outside the fence.

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