He must be a joker

We are going home on a bus. We are often together – I, my mother and my brother. He is misbehaving, as per usual. Mother is chastising him. He argued and then abruptly fell silent.

Mom: “Finally understood?” She asks him sternly.

Lilbrother: “I was thinking…You are Winnie-the-poof.” He lovingly points at mother. “You’re Piglet” He points at me. “And I’m a jackass.” He announces proudly, grinning, like one.


Me to a friend: We will totally take over the world.

My friend: You’ll be the greatest Queen.

Lilbrother passing by: Take your goddamn Nobel prize, vulture, and leave the world to me.


We are in an angry situation. Acquisitions are flying, and my little brother is ready to rip heads off. The guy shouts something rude and unintelligent. My brother flies to crush him and I stop him in his tracks, holding him tightly. The guy fells silent.

Lilbrother: Run scum, and be glad my Cerberus is in a merciful mood today.


We are walking home. We are a bit tipsy, and the night city park is silent. We giggle and discuss trivial things – stars, art, eternity. I argue that there’s no better art then sky above us, with their twinkling lights. My brother takes offense, and runs across the road, climbs on the piedestal of the randomn statue, switches on the flashlights and stands, like a star.

Lilbrother: Tell me I am not the best piece of art you ever saw?”

I laugh, tears spilling: You’re a piece of something, indeed.


Lilbrother to Mom: “You’re the best. I love you so much. You’re the light of my life” Glancing briefly at me, and scooted over, showing my shoulder gently. “And you know, yeah? Go to hell…?” Grinning.

Me smirking back: Yeah, Go to hell you too, little one.

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