Collecting admirers is an ancient passing time,

She felt partial to this practice.

Being lovable, pretty and not especially kind,

It wasn’t that hard to gain the right address.


The game was exquisite.

They fell to her feet. She’s an impeccable actress.

It took only a simple belief,

That whatever it is – it’s not ending on mattress.


She danced through life,

Keeping her souvenirs between cheesy lines.

Effectively ditching tedious strife,

Throwing a smile and lamest “goodbyes”.


Lies – lies. Lies -lies.

Frigid heart and fickle mind.

It wasn’t a big surprise

that no one was crying when her love has died.

8 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Karma returns.. I am recalling the newtons law.. U have put the karma very simple. How on earth you guys write poems so wonderful? I suck in this art.. But i can sync with the poem.. Brilliant produce!

    Liked by 1 person

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