Swore passionately

down to hell

across abandoned and devastated fields.

You left me alone! You left me to die!

I do not accept it!

Fuck your time and what it heals!

You wrecked me beyond recognition.

There’s nothing to save! You hear me –


What this little girl was born with – burned;

In lies; in dirt – stomped and trapped


Look me in the eye


This is your handy-work; proudest creation –

Don’t you like me?

I like me. I love me.

I have nothing else to love…

It wished deliriously to hate you

But I’m disgustingly above

this emotion.

Any. Every. No one.

I’ve decided. I’ve decided.

Yet it flickers

cautiously whispering

painting the house and the tree

I swore! I swore to let it be…

But nope.

The heart contains – protects

The glimmering hope.

7 thoughts on “Scream

  1. Wow, I don’t know if you wrote this for God, or some dude that isn’t around anymore? But it is emotional, that’s for sure.
    Sometimes we write these to ourselves, just to keep that glimmer of hope alive.
    So it was dynamic. Prolific. And I’ll have to read past posts just to see if these words and emotions fill them as well.
    Peace and Love.

    Liked by 1 person

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