One wrecked note

I’m partial to rock-ballads: crazy ‘bout you,

Can’t stop dreaming, yearning; and all that jazz.

How can I not be? The lies, the game, the class.

The only sensible thing to do was to fell for you.


I did. Oh, I did leap without fear into abyss,

And nothing else mattered, besides sentiment.

I fought. I yield. I grasped at straws and bent,

To keep the chiming in my head and seize the bliss.


It ceased; crushed my heart; left me dry,

The love songs became inadequately cruel,

Adding to my growing shame, working as fuel

For the self-pity party that pleased my eye.


You didn’t notice; shining and standing tall;

Unforgettable, unforgivable, brilliant bastard,

You had me insanely willing and pitifully plastered…

Still, your heart-beat is my favorite song of all.

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