April’s word jumble

I love challenges. It’s mine inspiration and I adore daily prompts, so, I thought why not push it a little bit further – make it a monthly prompt. The idea is simple – to create a piece of writing from the daily prompts that were received during a month. The catch – use as minimum secondary words as possible.

If you find this idea interesting I invite you to participate . Leave your links in the comments, piggyback and spread the word. I would love to read your creations.  Happy writing!




Thwart the frigid society the toxic songs

Of an astonishing cur who bestows, like genie,

Glimmering vaguely, disrupting, depleting, frothing –

Looking authentic; churns elaborately –

Allowing to explore luminescent rivulets,

Notable parallels; invites to partake without fret;

 Radiant emotions hit, like a mallet – Crank.

It’s too late. The cur rushes out with a haul of hearts –

Inchoate tantrum.


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