The core

It took time to realize

Squashing the denial

Clever, slippery excuses

The lies and the muses.

It took time to accept

Without a shred of regret

That the poison crippled

ate up and destroyed –

The core.

It fought vigorously

Battling till the last drop

of dignity and honesty.

Failing miserably, pathetically

crushing and crumbling

pus oozing from wounds

that had no time to heal

it convulsed and slumped

It’s real.

The beautiful, naive core

Rotting in the emptiness

Shred by careless cruelness

And heartless guiltiness.

Not forgiven and forgotten

Smelly, disfigured corpse

With no one to endorse

The sacrifice.

A tiny breath-taking flower,

from the slime had grown.

The seed would have died,

In this cold barren hole,

But to the small creature’s awe,

The freezing pit became warm,

The day it was noticed by –

The core.

3 thoughts on “The core

  1. I like this poem because of the contrast, going from hopelessness to rebirth. We don’t know how this rebirth looked, an heir, or entirely different.

    I thought of the old cowboy poem where only a flower marked his last resting place.

    Line 12, counting from the bottom, has the word “forgotton” misspelled.


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