I’m sure no one will whisper “I love you” in my ear,

Despite my heart insisting that fates are rarely clear.

I have this hope in me. I guess romantic I will die,

But I, as well, am realistic, so loneliness is, also, fine.


I’m stuck between a wish to burn in red, and sip the gray.

I walked alone for far too long to give someone a sway.

Besides, the people I have met along the rocky way,

Have never wanted me nor gave a place to stay.


I guess it’s fine. I simply was bestowed by wrong degree,

And if I wonder late at night how perfect it would be…

Assumptions of the daily life convince me to stay free,

Of any strings that may attach my heart to starving flea.


It hurts. Of course it does. But I’m not struggling anymore.

I am content with empty space that waits outside my door.

I came to terms with barren soul that isn’t worth a dime

I am unloved, disgraced and soar, but, truly, I’ll be fine.


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