Childhood dream

The wise saying goes –

If you want it, let it go.

I tried to forget it exist

But every time I panicked.

Scared that if I truly do

It will flicker and cease.

So I hid it deep inside,

Not showing to anyone,

Not even myself.

It didn’t go well.

It grew. Became infected

It poisoned my essence,

Altered neutral nature

Abuse of acquiescence.

I raised alarms,

But it was a bit late

Nothing to save

The core was damaged.

I cried. Whaled in despair

I protected it

It left me

with no chance to repair

the mess that it made.

I should never forget

Another place, another time

The future I kept

was not meant to be mine.


6 thoughts on “Childhood dream

  1. Hey Liz,
    How are you doing,
    I have tagged you for 3.2.1 Quote me, Tag, here is the link
    I hope you are ok to take it! Thanks!


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