It drove me up the walls

screaming into my tender ears

insisting I hear and heal it.

I run, hid, but gave up

finding no excuse or salvation

from abuse

I accept it –

once, twice – infinite.

It came without permission

or regard for my space.

It became a race

for survival.

I lost in it many times

Fell, hurt, died…

Somehow coughed it out

Suck a breath

Came alive

To live through millionth hearth-break

to overcome another lose

without being the cause

or participant.

A highway of possibilities

A screen, a mirror

a sponge.

Take a step back…

Take a step back

don’t plunge!

No use. It calls me,

without meaning to

I dive

to soak and drown

becoming thin


The glorious understanding

This priveldge

is overrated.

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