From first scream the heart was huge

Strong muscle that shined with golden glow,

and if sometimes it came out as a stooge,

it has a weakness for going with a flow.


It gave away with no regrets or pride,

Whatever needed – any time, to any one.

In brightest day or silently in deadly night,

It never turned from ache nor stone.


It healed and loved without complain,

Starved, scared, abused, and plundered.

It knew it was unfair, and was in vain,

But couldn’t watch how others suffered.


It grew and colours washed and faded,

Some pieces lost to an ungrateful brats.

It started stumbling, hurt and jaded,

But hoping that its strengths could last.


She took a pity when it was on deathbed,

Collecting shards and sealing deep inside.

She didn’t want to lose a reddish life thread,

Of heart that didn’t wish to lie or hide.


The time was poignant, engulfing in a mist,

Without the friendship,somebody to miss,

She pondered if she should or could resist,

Especially with promise of eternal bliss.


The meeting was in rush and inconvenient,

She has decided. He didn’t want to be a hero.

But recognition made their cynicism lenient,

Besides if it won’t work they lost exactly zero.


At first it was embarrassingly awkward,

None wanted to believe nor to extend the trust.

However they were somehow moving forward,

and slowly learning to accept and then adjust.


It was becoming easy to envision fortune,

With lovely house and him forever by her side.

She was uncertain, but despite the caution,

She dragged out precious heart she put aside.


He looked at it with sympathy and caring,

Unwrapping wrecked disaster of his own.

She couldn’t help but weep, adoring flaring,

From this day on they’ve started building home.


The corrupt tongues were vigorously yapping,

“The crippled fools!” They answered with a laugh.

Their minds and souls continued overlapping,

Who knew that one made out of two will be enough.


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