The demon’s plea

“I am a selfish monster

I taint. I break. I cheat.

I am dishonest, vile creep.

I will deceive and hurt you.

the words you murmur –

They’re not true.

No one can love me,

And, certainly, not you.”

You say. You shout:

“Leave me alone. You’ll sway!”

I hug you tightly. “Silly thing

“I am inclined to stay, and will.”

8 thoughts on “The demon’s plea

  1. I am a rogue
    I cheat. I lie.
    I wonder if
    You’ll testify
    For you are weak
    And I am strong
    You felt beneath me
    All along
    Did not repel
    My fast advance
    Did not hold tight
    Your underpants
    Did not protect
    Your fragile pride
    Did not eject me
    From the ride
    But just remember
    Who I am
    A substitute
    A fake. A scam.
    Do not assume
    I feel your pain
    Do not make
    This mistake. Again

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    1. Now this is…breath-taking. But for the sake of fun

      I am weak,
      It’s not a secret.
      I was meek,
      and tried to keep it.
      Not caring
      Where I stand,
      and swearing,
      if I can.
      So what if I
      chose you from all.
      At least, the lie,
      is standing tall.
      So, let it go
      and let it be.
      And do not chose
      for me.

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      1. I’ve bowed before you once before
        I shall do it … one time more
        I know you well. I recognise
        the glint of mischief in your eyes
        I stand before you. Face to face
        Another time. Another place.
        When we were lovers, vain and young
        Darling, what have we become?

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      2. I’ll try to keep my thorns at bay,
        But sometimes they do not obey.
        So if I stumble or I sway,
        I hope there’ll be another day
        to play with words and meanings
        in disguise, which are not truth
        but not quite lies.

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