Useless stress

I remember only brutal disappointments,

Happy days do not teach me to survive.

I cherish those painfully cruel moments,

The scars are rigid but they are all mine.


I have slipped. I’ve lost a whole damn leg,

Searching for the opportunities to belong.

My nerves became thin like a shell of the egg,

Groveling before fools for so forking long.


I’ve grown from the awkward scaredy-cat,

Into an arrogant beast of my own design.

And the only thing I learned from that,

Is that there’s no point in staying in line.


There’s no legitimate reason to cripple,

The only treasure you have in this world.

The society, like fashion trends, is fickle,

The truth and the beauty are happily sold.


Thus, I’m choosing my boat over others,

I’m not sailing the oceans, ‘cos it’s cool.

I am done. I’ll create my own wonders,

Authenticity that’s worthy of a drool.


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