Love letters to a bad … memory

I’ve been challenged by the two wonderful authors to write a “love letter” and I couldn’t pass the opportunity.



How have you been, my lovely crippled memory? We walked miles in shoes that didn’t really fit any of us, and during the time spent together I said many unforgivable and hilarious thing to you, but I think, I never said that I love you.
Stop! Don’t snigger. I swear I do. I love you because before you I had no idea what life looks like. I would have been killed if it weren’t for you. You gave me perspective. You taught me. You opened up doors, windows, minds and souls for me. You roughed me up and made me stronger. You gave me a motivation to go on and make myself better.

I love you because you were my first, and after you nothing burned quite as fiercely. I will remember and cherish you until the day I die, my wonderful disaster.




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