He is a gentleman

Treating me right.

No useless stress,

No needless fright.

He listens to me,

He makes me smile.

I feel safe and sound

and it’s been a while.

He respects my view,

He knows how to talk,

But he doesn’t get

any of my jokes.

But it is all right

and it is just fine.

I can see how I

chirp politely and dine

in an average house

having standard life

with him by my side.

It’s a lovely house

and a bunch of kids.

Mother happy and I

knit for Christmas eve.

It’s so perfectly dull

like the adulthood dream.

I have sex once a week,

We take puzzles in bed.

I drink wine every night,

We discuss every trend.

And it’s calm, and it’s nice

So ideally neat…

But, unfortunately, I

already know what I’ll do

He is comfortable, yes

But he is not you.


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