The illusion of a believer

“Believe in our saviour!”

The woman shouted, standing in the middle of a square. People were walking around, smiling indulgently or outright laughing. What a lunatic!

But is she? Is she truly more bonkers than any of us? I highly doubt that, because if you truly think about it our perception of reality, our life, our moral principles, family, safety is based on a belief.

We believe in society and law. We believe in a system. We believe in politicians and science. We believe in commercials and books. We believe that Earth is round and not flat. We believe that your spouses will keep their word and that our children will build a brighter future. We believe, because, honestly, we have nothing else to prove our claim.

Unless you are a specialist in the field (and here we can debate long and hard about the authenticity and honesty of said individuals) you have no other proof, thus, you belive.

People said there is cosmos – you said yeah. Do you ever thought that believing in the Universe is the same as believing in God?

You saw neither. You heard about it from the third parties. You saw pictures. That’s about it.

We just take everything at face value and running along with it.

Cancer? Sure. People are dying from it. We all know that, right? But we are not really sure what “it” is exactly? And why the hell someone beats it and others don’t? And why it’s always seems to be found where there’s no way in hell to heal it.

Cancer is a heavy topic for discussion; took half of my family and still kicking in young generations, looming. Doctors are aware of that. Will they be able to help? I doubt that very much. I’m not in a that high of a league for them to care.

Screw cancer. Let’s take “allergy.” Sounds simple but has the same answer – don’t know, try this, didn’t help…well, then; and don’t let me start on the brain and issues that this complicated construction has. We know close to nothing about our bodies and how they function.

I’m not complaining. I’m just finding it’s strange that the more advance we become the more sleazy everything is looking.

Like the cosmos thing. How the hell I know if it exists at all? Like 60 years into exploring this stuff and you’re still circling around the Earth. Seriously? And what with the moon? With our love for colonising and drastic overpopulation, technology…Good question.

Or photography, video, internet and smart-phones. Mind-blown. I know there’s a flimsy explanation for everything – but we literally capture time (reality) and freeze it permanently, sending it by forking waves instantly. It’s working. I know it’s working, but how it does escapes me. Well, apparently, because I am not smart enough to get it, so, what’s left for me is a blind belief.

Or language. Funny thing that. Every language has different word but for the same thing. So “sky” is “sky” on any language. So…all of us has the same basic understanding of reality – like “same game, different levels.”

But we do believe that we are different individuals with unique individuality – this is a funny thing too.

or life itself. Why we live? Why we die? Why so long or so little? How we die? For what purpose this circus?  No one knows, so we believe.

6 thoughts on “The illusion of a believer

  1. Are dreams less or more real than consciousness? How is it that thought can control matter (our bodies) but I can’t move a pebble with my mind? How much of this universe (if it exists) are we able to perceive? It’s true! We know pretty much what we’ve been told. We don’t learn because that’s what we’ve been told. Public schools are relatively unchanged since the beginning. The majority of the population are willing to live substandard lives, never tapping their innate gifts and passions.

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  2. “it’s strange that the more advanced we become the more sleazy everything is looking”. WOW… I LOVED this post, Lizardin. Perhaps my favourite of all your posts to date. Thank you for reminding us to push further; to question. Not to accept something just because another says it is so, and not to reject something just because another says it is so…


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