We will all die

and how the nasty phrase declares – alone

may be pathetically without legacy or home

memories to revisit. The fates denying solace

for the chaotic being that strives to be flawless.

But you still try.

For better or for worse you’re running around

searching for mythical joy and divine ground

that will save your wretched, stinking soul

from the lovingly cultivated and smelly hole.

And forever buzzing “why?”

The Hell anyone knows; many would insist

that we’re already there, decaying – hard to resist

such grotesque logic based on attempt to rationalise

the shit-ton of pain you are forced to analyse

and not reaching the sky.

Alas, the words that are fed to masses by prophets

are heavily edited in order to gain the best profit

from the naive lost souls that in truth were never lost

since we are yet to find the saviour or know the cost.

Almost all is a lie.

The grand Universe and insignificant speck of dust

that for some unfathomable reason thinks it can and must

understand the workings of the world and its cause

funny, arrogant larva that doesn’t really matter, because

we will all die.

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