Laying on the battlefield I love to detest

coughing out shattered hopes and promises

freeing my lungs from another bullshit

I was lovingly fed by the concerned society.

I glanced around to see the faces of my fiends

to meet with the relentlessness nothingness

howling a sarcastic laugh towards the stars

marking my skin with a scar and then some

I totally forgot that I haven’t needed anyone.


A shattering breath pushed into my breast,

For whom I walked and made another conquest

Will be a question for someone else to answer.

I’m done with spears and shields, and swords

that are piercing my skin for shit and giggles;

with mighty bloodshed, crippled, angry words

which falls from silken lips of my past lovers.

Who knew there’s so many layers of “lower”

Once a sublime prize, now a paltry leftover.


I whimper and laugh. This is for the joyful best,

I can finally close my exhausted mind and rest.

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