I don’t want to change you

You’re an adult and perfectly capable to grow

if you so wished.


I am only there to support

your desire to expand your familiar horizon

and be at home.


I don’t want to heal you

as if there is something wrong with your beauty

shining through cracks.


I am only there to remind

that every mistake made moulded your perfect

and I adore it dearly.


I don’t want to guide you

You can choose your own path and see it through

without anyone preaching.


I am only there to stroll

beside you from time to time, since my own path

needs some walking too.


I don’t want to cage you

You can fly high and low, with any exotic bird

to every direction.


I am only there to set

the heart ablaze, so when you’re back to rest

it’s not unbearably cold.


I don’t want to keep you

You are a free-being deserving of the entire Universe

and not reduction to “pet”.


I am only there to love

every second of every day that I am fortunate to spend

in your marvellous presence.

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