Save a wish just for me

before you fall from the galaxy

and get caught in our gravity

dream my dream.

Get a taste of what it could be

the richest palate of tragedy

with undertones of agony

deem my scheme.

Breath me in and browse free

ignore views wincing bashfully

and devils hissing angrily

hear my scream.

Recognise me amid the glee

lost between reality and fantasy

hidden in shadows of malady

watch me beam.

Accept what you cannot see

a love that shields from depravity

and slays the constant apathy

we’re meant to be.

Though it’s a desperate plea

that sometimes reeks of blasphemy

and urges become panicky

dream my dream




Save my dream for you,

So when you land in a land of dew

you can tear my love apart

and have a good start.



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