You are right

settling insecurities aside

there’re things about you I don’t like.


Your overwhelming fright

that comes in the middle of the night

and wakes me up before dew.

I’m shaken and don’t know what to do

‘cos your not helping, picking up scars

and resurrecting battles lost.

I feel, like an unwanted host

that tries to run the rotting show,

and then you laugh, sailing away

leaving me hanging outdoors.


The unfair jealousy

you adore to indulge in.

When your gorgeous, warm eyes

turn into a venomous green

and you humiliate to your heart content

a poor guy who couldn’t imagine

such a dreadful end

for an innocent and lovely conversation

that from friendly smiles morphed

into his ultimate damnation.


The cringey habits you practice

three-weeks old unwashed coffee cup

veiled with dust that you drink from

and, God forbid, I touch it

like the weird piles of unspeakable

that I swear breaths and watches me

ready to pounce and devour

or your inability to tell the proper hour

to call, to eat, to sleep or to stop

and the obsession to be always on top.


The demands for attention

and wish to lock me up

in the highest, unapproachable tower

so you can cower me

from any unapproved by you contact

and if you could you’d made

a blood pact with some ugly thing

to keep me warped up

under your strong, magnificent

but overbearing silver wing.


Thus, I certainly agree

in general, you’re not perfect,

though, by far you are for me.


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