And what if I die!?

Tell me, what of it?!

You pretend like it hit

you where it hurts.

Ahahaha! A lie!

So what if I die?

The planet won’t bother

the hunger won’t cease.

Just one little problem

will stop to exist.

Don’t sugar-coat

the absurdity of life

the truth we strife

with designed to mock

and keep fools in a mist.

So what if I die?

The essence will rebirth

spewing my bones

and mixed with the earth

there’ll be nothing to remember.

5 thoughts on “Mortality

  1. Future geologists and paleontologist may be your best shot at memorialization. But just as any other, in deep time all life forms will be forgotten when the Earth is consumed by the Sun’s red giant phase. Even if humans escaped to a new world most will be forgotten. Ultimately, entropy will consume all chances of rememberance by any being or thing. So fear not. Every atom will be the same in the end. 😀

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