I sat alone as lifeless doll,

That views the life outside the window,

When idle eye caught a flower store,

The store that sells the babes of freedom.

and there I saw her, perfect, neat,

Rose burned like abyss’ crimson heat.


Enchanting as the maroon dawn,

and blinding soul with velvet beauty.

She stood in pot so proud and tall,

As regal Queen on her saint duty.

I saw her one in coloured sea,

As if she stood there just for me.


Exotic flowers occupied the space,

But she was out of competition.

They couldn’t dream to have her grace,

Her slender petals sinful vision.

I stared and stared in hope to see

What else she’s hiding there for me.


In rainy days or grey, dull mornings,

When I’m about to come undone,

I come to window, gently raising

The curtain that hides beauty’s crown.

She’s standing there and sorrows doze,

My remedy – the blood-red rose.


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