Two minute script



Names of the cast slowly crawling down the black screen. Background music:


INT. The studio is coloured in a bleak sandy colour download. The participants are wearing a uniform that matches the interior. They are sitting on the chairs, looking impatiently bored bored-people-waiting-27875927. A clock could be seen behind them. The potato sacks filled with something standing near their feet. The host assumes the posture of the aloof individual and is staring into the camera. 574db550130000fb07383218

HOST (in monotonous voice)

welcome to “the most boring game show you could have ever imagined” tonight these men will be performing an extremely tedious act of counting rice aloud in a dull rhythm they will be forced to go through five pounds of it and we will be watching ladies and gentlemen. closely. if any to count incorrectly or jeopardise the rhythm and god forbid tell the wrong number we will start again until all rice is accounted for and the prize? we finish.

stick with us because we are here to make sure you are NOT entertained


*groaning lazily*

The camera moves to the entrance from which six women come out with glass jars in their hands. The women are dressed plainly. fdd1149a3a05b06512086ebf0b26620d--modest-clothing-modest-dressesThe women are not smiling, walking in a meek manner, heads down. They put the jars near the men and walk away.


Lets the games begin

Pushes the button. The rhythm starts.




stops the rhythm.

wrong. start again

Men put the rice back into sacks. Host nods. Pushes the button. The rhythm starts again.




wrong. start again

Men put the rice back into sacks. Host nods. Pushes the button. The rhythm starts again.




P.S. this is not a proper proper way to write a script 🙂

So, this is how I see the most boring game-show, though, in my opinion, our media done far worse. 🙂

Oh and I must give credit where credit is due, thank you Matthew (// Normal Happenings) for giving me such a delightful prompt.

5 thoughts on “Two minute script

  1. Wow! You really channeled a lot of thought into this. Never have I been so entertained imaging the lengths this game show goes to to achieved boredom. It’s like every ounce of tension or excitement is stored as potential energy — the pieces are there for something, anything, exciting to happen, but it never does. I don’t think this one can be beat.


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