When the air around us stills

and silence drapes itself over our shoulders

not awkwardly, but not exactly comfortably either

I unwillingly start to wonder

and without meaning to I tend to overthink

the sweetest thing that I foolishly dared to hope for.

I ponder what your word means

and whether any other heart longingly smoulders

touched by your enigmatic smile and would you be eager?

It swipes me up and takes me under

and I cannot suck in a breath. My dreams sink

paralysed by the poisonous thought of you wanting more.

You smirk at me, hiding a chuckle

and hold me, engulfing in a scent I associate with home

promising without saying a word not to desert my naive soul.

I roll my eyes, but don’t try to struggle,

and melt into you, feeling grateful and a little bit sore,

I don’t know how, but you managed to stitch the bleeding hole.


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