№ 1. What was your very first anime?

It were the glorious days of 00s. At that time, I was a school girl rushing back home to catch episodes of “Dexter’s Laboratory” or “Powerpuff girls” , running on the cartoon network. I adored those freaky drawn characters and the obvious violence and mischief that cartoons were so easily turning into a hilarious jokes, despite failing to understand much of the spoken word.

That particular day the Network had some issues, as it usually did during that time. Nothing worked well, while our country struggled through the rapid changes and adjusted to the “boom” and simultaneous destruction of every part of the life it was used to.

I was disappointed. The bitter feeling consumed me, and I was browsing the channels apathetically, when my eyes caught a colourful picture.

The picture depicted a bizarre looking, blond girl with huge eyes arguing with an equally weird-looking cat, and I was hooked.

The episode was funny, engaging and blissfully dubbed. I was enchanted and wanted more, but, unfortunately, the TV is not the best way to watch TV-series (irony)  – breaking signals, erratic schedules and cancellation of the program – a horrific experience. I watched the show though broken glass that was constantly glitching.  However, even like this it impressed me enough that after several years, when my family finally could afford  a computer and join the net, I have found it and my romance with Anime began.

At this point, and after many,many,many series watched, I cannot say that “Sailor Moon” was that good. It was naive and overstretched, but, looking back, it brings warm memories. Me and my friends were quite obsessed with it.  It was something new, and it was sparkling, dragging us into a bizarre world with complex and twisted relationships. We drank the awkwardness and adulthood disheartening and discomforting themes  greedily, not really understanding nor caring for the undertones of truly “forked-up” things happening on the screen.

It was a beautiful fairy-tale, about socially awkward, alienated girl, who, despite her many flaws, grown to be the most coveted, strong and startling queen. Who wouldn’t want that? We did want that. We craved to have full of adventures life, so we watched and cheered and loved.

a geeky’s gal 30 day anime challenge

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