№ 2. Who was your first anime crush?

The second Anime series I watched was “Chrono Crusade”, and it actually formed my taste and hooked me on all things demonic and magical. Till this day, I favour the themes of otherworldly and divine, holding them close to my blackish heart.

The series, also, highlighted my desires, I guess. I couldn’t actually call Aion a crush, but he was the first character I felt drawn to.


And from there, I just formed a type – Neuro (Nougami Neuro),  Sesshomaru (InuYasha), Itachi (Naruto), Byakuya (Bleach), though, Bleach is a different story all-together – there are plenty characters to swoon over – etc.  The point is, I like dark characters with a twisted back story, who is nor evil nor good – sarcastic, hellishly smart and rather cold.

30 Day Anime Challenge

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