Daily Inkling

Soooo, they usually say be careful what you wish for, because wishes do come true, sometime; and this time, I’m glad they do.

It’s an adorable challenge, from brilliant Matthew // Normal Happenings (if you yet to discover this blog you should rectify it immediately), and by now you already know that I hardly pass on those.

People like to claim there’s no such thing as a bad gift, but honestly, sometimes a gift-giver just drops the ball. Tell us about the most mistimed, overblown, or flat-out worst gift you’ve ever received. 

I am not proud of it but I am a pretty hard to please. First, I have rather peculiar taste, and second, I am allergic to many things, flowers and chocolate included. Thus, you can imagine how many dates went wrong (maybe that’s why I’m still single…). But those aside, there was one gift that topped all the awkwardness I’ve experienced during my life – politely smiling and trying not to suffocate, or cry or outright scream at the unfortunate soul that unknowingly (or knowingly) miscalculated.

It happened several years ago. The Christmas holidays were coming and I was overly excited, because I’ve managed to get a whole free week, which I was planning to spent with my sister abroad. I haven’t seen her and my God-kids in ages, and was flushed with pleasure. I couldn’t wait till I have them in my arms and will be able to babble about everything.

Unfortunately, there was a reschedule of the flights and I had to leave three days early. Thanks Fates, my boss is a cutie pie, when she wants to be, so she let me go with kindest of blessings.

So, I was walking on clouds, patiently waiting for the taxi to arrive, when my doorbell rang. I furrowed my brows in confusion. Everyone important (and not) knew I was going away. I wasn’t exactly subtle about it. I even mentioned it to the guy with whom we shared something-something, that he preferred to call “distant relationship” and I “an illusion”.

The bell rang again, and I shrugged the bemusement off, getting up and opening the door. The moment I did open it though, I regretted it. There on my doorstep, flowers in hand (because why the hell they should listen to me, right!? People, always, do that with flowers. No matter how many times I tell them that I DO NOT like flowers and that I am allergic to many of them, they still insist on gifting them to me) stood the guy.

I am not easily shocked but he rendered me speechless. I was standing there, gaping like a fish and staring at the smiling idiot. He took it the wrong way. His smile became smug. The obnoxious bouquet was pushed into my arms, making my throat ache and eyes water immediately.

“Surprise!” He exclaimed joyfully, making my eye twitch. However, before I could say something harsh, despite being kind of sorry for him, my phone rang. I exhaled and showed the bouquet into his arms, getting a glare for my grace and answered it.

The expression on his face, while I talked with the girl on the other side, changed from bemused to outright furious.

I ended the call, turned around and slammed the door behind me. Three minutes after, I was out and met with  angry accusations. He was telling me how ungrateful and rude I was; how he spent so much money on the ticket; how this supposed to be a perfect gift.

I breathed in and breathed out, closing my door and trying not to involve myself. Under any other circumstances, that may have been interpreted as sweet and romantic; even though, I don’t favour surprise visits.

But right at that point it was frustrating, embarrassing, awkward, mistimed and overblown. I didn’t ask him to come. I specifically told him that the only time we may meet could be summer. But no – why listen to me?

Daily Inkling

2 thoughts on “Daily Inkling

  1. You are awesome as always! Thanks for such a well-thought answer to my Inkling — your stories are always entertaining and a pleasure to read. I also appreciate the kind compliments. They mean a lot to me, and are encouraging to hear as a blogger. 🙂


    1. It was a pleasure to write it. Thank you for kind words, and stimulating prompt. I don’t really think you’re in need of encouragement. Your style of writing is brilliant, amusing and entertaining. Always a pleasure to read. But as it stands, your welcome.


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